SPAS Secondary Program (MHS)

A great place for great future

SPAS Secondary program will continue to build on the programs implemented within the Elementary program. 

The US Common Core (math and English), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and AERO Social- 

Studies Standards provide the framework for learning.


SPAS secondary program (G6-10) is designed to ready students for the rigors of college by acclimating them 

to commonly used computer programs, providing literacy growth opportunities, and implementing a more mature schedule and rigor in classroom instruction. 

SPAS Secondary program has also introduced leadership development programs and activities such as Student 

Council, Yearbook Club and Student Newspaper which are all designed to promote responsible global citizenship.

Core Subjects  

- ELA 

- Mathematics 

- Science 

- Social Studies

Special Subjects  

- Arts (Electives) 

- Chinese

- Music (Electives) 

- PE

- ETC.