SPAS secondary program is the final step in our vision to bring your students a fully mapped education to students. Our secondary program is designed to ready students for the rigors of college by acclimating them to commonly used computer programs, providing literacy growth opportunities, and implementing a more mature schedule and rigor in classroom instruction.


   Gregory Aiello

    School Principal

  • Bachelor's Degree - Multidisciplinary Studies
  • Bachelor's Degree - American History
  • Bachelor's Degree - Adolescent Education 
  • Masters Degree- Educational Leadership
  • 14 years of experience in teaching and administration

   Grace Yoon

    Academic Director & 
    College Counselor

  • Bachelor’s Degree 

    Policy and Management

  • 10 years of College Consultant experience

  Alexandra Goodwyn

  Language Support Coordinator

  • Bachelor’s Degree  in English Language and Linguistics
  • 3 years of experience

  Ruth Mecred

  Language Support Teacher

  • Bachelor’s Degree Music

  • Masters Degree
    Arts in Media Studies

  • Masters’s Degree
    focus on English for Speakers of

  • 10 years of experience

  Alejandro Hernandez

  Middle School Social Studies

  • Bachelor’s Degree Bilingual Education

  • Bachelor's Degree Education

  • Master’s Degree Education

  • 15 years of experience

  Benjamin McBride

  Middle School ELA

  • Bachelor of Arts Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Language
  •  Master of Education Learning, Teaching and Curriculum
  • Florida Teaching Certificate
  • 13 years of experience

  Green Lee

  Middle School Science

  • Bachelor’s DegreeChemistry, General
  • U.S. State Teaching Certificate Program
  • 2 years of experience

  Ye Eun Kwon

  Secondary Mathematics

  • Bachelor of Science Financial   and Actuarial Mathematics

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
    Further Education and Training, Mathematics

  • 5 years of experience

  Annabelle Lee

  Secondary Mathematics

  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Statistics
  • 2 year of experience

  Joshua VanWinkle

  Secondary Teacher 

  • Bachelor of Science, Education
  • Chemistry 9-12 – Certification in Oklahoma
  • Physical Science 9-12 – Certification in Oklahoma
  • Physical Sciences 8-12 – Certification in Texas
  • 13 years of experience

  Hailey O'Hair 

  Secondary Teacher 
  • Bachelors Degree - Philosophy

  • Bachelors Degree - History

  • TESOL Certification

    (Licensed with practicum)

  Aisha Pandhair

  Secondary Teacher 
  • Bachelor's of Arts in English
  • Masters of Education - Curriculum & Instruction
  • Teacher’s Certification
  • 3 years of teaching experience

  Audrey Liu

  Secondary Chinese

  • Bachelor of Chinese Language and Literature

  • Teacher’s Qualification Certification of China

  • 16 years of experience

  Sue Yeon Lee

  Secondary Music & Art

  • Bachelor of Music Performance
  • Level 6 Diploma in Instrumental/Vocal Teaching

  • Master Music Performance

  • Teaching Certification (Music / Prek-12)

  • 13 years of experience





  • English
  • Math
  • US/ World History
  • Science


  • Pre-AP English
  • Pre-AP Algebra
  • World Languages: Chinese, Spanish, French
  • Arts and Music:  Studio Arts, Digital Arts, Choir
  • PE:  Physical Education, Health
  • STEM: Computer Science, VEX I
  • PBL: Passion Project

II . GRADES 9-12


  • English
  • Math
  • US / World History
  • Science


  • AP English
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Biology
  • AP Chemistry
  • World Languages: AP Chinese, Spanish, French
  • Arts and Music:  Studio Arts, Design, AP Art History, AP Music
  • PE:  Physical Education, Sports Studies
  • STEM: Computer Science, VEX EP
  • Capstone: AP Seminar, AP Research, College Counseling, Community Service Capstone


Push In/Break Out Teacher

  • English as a tool for all subjects
  • Accessing English outside of traditional English lessons
  • After school program support
    • Not tutoring or homework help - this program is aimed to train students to access fluency in their daily and weekly work
    • Lifelong English skills, not just contextual


SPAS offer a range of optional after class extra-curricular activities and clubs, run by teachers and other professionals from Monday to Friday (3:20-4:10pm) 

  • Basketball Team
  • Baseball Team with Mr.Nippert
  • Golf 
  • Dance with SL studio
  • Test Prep
  • Book Club
  • VEX Robotics competition
  • AMC
  • MUN (Model UN)
  • STUCO (Student Council)
  • Yearbook Club


National Honor Society 

  • National Honor Society is an organization that is vital for the appeal of G10-12, and is not present in many schools in South Korea.  The responsibility of organizing, updating, and running NHS will be delegated to the program’s Head Teacher / College Counselor
  • The NHS program provides a necessary bridge between students and school leaders—helping you to engage and hear what students think, feel, and need.

Passion Project

  • Research, plan, and execute projects on a topic of their interest
  • Present their projects to the school, local community groups, and the world

  • Make their projects sustainable for ongoing future implementations if necessary


One Stop Counseling

  • Course selection (Pre-AP and AP classes)
  • Extracurricular activities/ Community Service Planning
  • Personal Projects
  • Career Exploration
  • University / Major Selection
  • SAT/ACT guidance
  • College Application Essay
  • Application Process + Deadlines


Cognia Code : 16862
MSA Code : 242OS 

SPAS Gwanggyo Campus
18-1, Suji-ro, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, 
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, 16862
세인트폴(St.Paul)프렙센터어학원 | 제4515-1호

Tel. +82 31 1522 3026

SPAS Gwanggyo
17, Suji-ro, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, 

Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, 16862

세인트폴광교(ST.PAUL)어학원 | 제4743-2호

Tel. +82 31 893 5000

SPAS Dongtan Campus
2F, 12, Dongtansunhwan-daero 12-gil,

Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, 
Republic of Korea, 18502 
세인트폴동탄2어학원 | 제4036호

Tel. +82 31 893 3300

SPAS Dongtan
5F, 12, Dongtansunhwan-daero 12-gil, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do,

Republic of Korea, 18502 

세인트폴동탄어학원 | 제3942호

Tel. +82 31 8013 5000

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