Global Mindedness

    Korean population is steadily decreasing. While the size of the labor force continues to dwindle, companies seek bigger markets outside Korea. Whether your child chooses to live in Korea or not, it is inevitable that he/she will come across people of other cultures. Saint Paul, therefore, will help your child become global-minded.

Critical Thinking

    Life is a continuum of choices, as they say. We all can agree that memorizing facts for test scores isn't the right way for education. Each and every student has his/her own characteristics that need our attention. With those unique characteristics, students must practice being independent, critical thinkers.

Mutual Respect

    Saint Paul families come from a variety of backgrounds, 30% of which are non-Korean cultures. In such diversity, Saint Paul students must learn to respect others as they want others to respect them. It is the essential virtue that a proud global citizen must possess.

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