Saint Paul American School System, SPASS

(Originally, Nacel International School System: NISS)

    Saint Paul American School System (SPASS) has established a new office in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA to extend its services to outbound students from Asia. The Raleigh office joins existing SPASS offices and schools in Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Clark, and Yangon- with new offices planned for cities in Malaysia and Japan.

    The goal of Saint Paul American School System (SPASS) is to prepare students to achieve professional success in the global community and to become leaders with broad perspectives and high expectations for themselves and others.

Frank Tarsitano, Ph. D.

Chairman of SPASS

Dear Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our education program, Nacel Open Door, to parents and students who attend Saint Paul American Scholars, Korea.

Nacel Open Door and Nacel International are currently operating in more than 36 countries and have promoted international education programs across the globe for tens of thousands of students.

As Nacel Open Door expanded its international education service, it opened its own school called Saint Paul Preparatory School.

Then based on this model, 16 more schools have been established around the world including China, Philippines, Vietnam, France, Poland, Turkey, Japan and Korea.

Saint Paul American Scholars(SPAS) currently offers only primary education, but SPAS will provide Secondary Education as the students move on from the primary level.

We will offer every necessary step for students to prepare to successfully be part of the global community. 

Students will not only receive a US curriculum but will also be offered a variety of experience through activities to develop critical and technical skills. 

Our teachers are well-prepared to make SPAS an excellent school so that everything is ready to help our students reach their potential.

I encourage you to contact us and visit our campus.

We invite you to come to school, look around the campus and meet the teachers so that you will conclude that our school in Yongin is a worthwhile investment in your child’s future.